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Snoring is doing my F*****ghead in

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DuelingFANGo Tue 13-Oct-09 01:09:08

I have never been good with repetitive noises and I do tend to obssess about them once I have tuned into them but my DH's snoring is sending me round the bend. I am awake now because I can hear him even though he has gone to sleep in the spare room. Earlier on I went to sleep downstairs but could still hear him so I went to the spare room with my ipod and could still hear him. Eventually I decided to come back into our room and my DH went to the spare room. I can still hear him despite there being 2 closed doors between us. I have resorted to throwing bits of the sunday paper at the door whenever he starts snoring. He is wearing a nose strip, I have asked him several times if he has it positioned correctly (they have worked for us before) and he says yes.

What can I do? I can't live like this!?

Niecie Tue 13-Oct-09 01:15:25

God I sympathise with this one. I can hear my DH now, upstairs and I am downstairs. What with that and DS2's noturnal wanderings I seem to spend more time in the spare bed than in ours.

Time for a trip to the doctors? Would he go?

I really do believe that it can eat away at relationships so something has to be done.

Just wish my DH would do something but he is afraid that going to the doctors it will necessitate him losing weight and that isn't easy.

EcoMouse Tue 13-Oct-09 01:21:49

Velcro a tennis ball to the inside backs of their pj tops/ t-shirt/superglue directly to back if necessary.

I found shutting one x's mouth then holding his nose amusing but then I'm a reet bitch when someone disturbs my sleep. I was also in my teens smile

rosieposey Tue 13-Oct-09 01:23:41

Duelingfango thats rubbish and i really feel for you, my DH isn't overweight and he snores like fuck i spent most of my pregnancy awake at night given that i was getting up for wees all night long when i got back to bed i just couldn't get back to sleep.

Im ok if i go to sleep first but i still have to get up during the night and therefore i cant usually get back to sleep - thats not really conducive with an 8 month old tbh so if anyone has any suggestions would be really grateful?

ineedalifelaundry Tue 13-Oct-09 01:27:21

I totally feel your pain. I can't stand it when my dh snores. However, I have only resorted to sleeping separately once that I can remember in 18 years, mainly because we don't have a spare bed and I resent sleeping on the sofa because of it- and like you, I can hear him from other rooms and it still bugs me.

I have developed some strategies for stopping him snoring while lying next to him in bed. They don't always work, or sometimes only for a short time, but they sometimes do stop the snoring completely:

1. Shift his pillow slightly. The change in head position can open up his airways sufficiently to shut him up.

2. Completely remove the pillow. Again, this can straighten out his airways.

3. Roll him onto his side- either asking him or shoving him. My dh snores terribly when lying on his back.

4. When all else has failed, I let out my frustration through the sharp part of my elbow into his ribs. I aim to hit him hard enough so that he only half wakes - enough to stop him snoring and maybe change position to a less snore inducing one.

Perhaps you've already tried these, I don't know. I do feel your pain and really hope you get some sleep tonight smile

DuelingFANGo Tue 13-Oct-09 01:34:40

He is overweight and his snoring has got steadily worse sad I seem to spend most night shaking the bed to wake him up and then he eventually goes to the spare room, unless I am drunk and then I just sleep through it but I don't want to be drunk for the rest of my life!

So far I have thrown the Observer, a bottle of Hair gel, a roll of selotape and a rolled up collection of infertility paperwork. MEH!

DuelingFANGo Tue 13-Oct-09 01:38:29

oh shock it's stopped. Maybe if I get my head down now I will get to sleep before it starts again.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 13-Oct-09 08:10:23

He needs to go to the GP; snoring can be indicative of medical problems. He may even have sleep apnoea.

I would go along to the GPs with him and discuss this together with this person.

DuelingFANGo Tue 13-Oct-09 08:14:41

my boss apparently had an operation on his nose because of his snoring - he still snores! Not that I know first hand shock I've been told! wink

rosieposey Tue 13-Oct-09 08:22:30

Yeah my friends dad had sleep apnoea and used to snore terribly. When we move in a few weeks there will be a spare room and i think DH might end up in it sometimes wink

notevenamousie Tue 13-Oct-09 11:28:42

It was a major problem with my ex - alcohol was a big cause with him, but he also had severe reflux and refused to see the GP. I think if I encountered the same problem again then I wouldn't settle for not going to see a doctor. Sleep deprivation is torture - at least with a baby you know it's going to end, from snoring it is somehow worse because it won't if they won't do anything about it.

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