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Trixie1 Fri 10-Jun-05 21:44:18

DH is happy with our ivf child and does not want any more. He is 44 and we are only 5 years married and because of our age (me 43) he wants to say enough is enough and have time for ourselves later on. Another child would take us past 60yrs of age. However I want another child via ivf. Am I being selfish? (He already has two children from a previous relationship who he doesnt see very often)

swiperfox Fri 10-Jun-05 22:13:26

Hiya How did he feel befroe you had your first child? Did he need convincing or was he as keen as you? I think if you try for another fairly soon after the first (although i understand it's not that simple through ivf) then it's not going to take a huge amount of time away from you. My dp didn't want another child after our first baby (and has another from a previous relationship whom he doesn't see) but after a lot of 'discussion' and convincing we did and haven't looked back since. I hope for you he comes round to your way of thinking

Trixie1 Fri 10-Jun-05 22:38:07

he kinda needed convincing but mainly cos it was through ivf. Ive tried for the last couple of years to make him see it the way you described, 2 children close together is no different to the 1 but it doesnt seem to wash. I wonder if it is him who is selfish (wanting just time with me) problem is, i will not be very happy in our relationship as i will feel resentful that I have been prevented from trying at least to fulfill my needs as a mother!

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