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DH behaviour - I've had enough...

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bellabluebell Thu 08-Oct-09 13:13:59

First time posting on here and really need to vent with others that understand.

I'm finally coming to the end of my patience with DH due to lots of various factors. There has always been lots of emotional stuff gone on, though half the time I haven't seen it. Recently there have been put downs, nastiness because I'd been to the pictures with my family and loads loads more stuff.

I get no affection and haven't done so for a long long time (been married 7 years). He has little to do with our 2 children, will do basic stuff like feeding, but very rarely spends any time with them. He looks after the youngest while I'm at work, but spends a great deal of time on the internet and I'm concerned that she's like me - lonely. Even when I'm in, he goes on it most of the time.I have a demanding job and still have to come home and deal with a great deal more.
I also got told that he didn't like when I came home worrying about work hassles because it made him worry about losing the house! So yeah, no emotional support neither.

The best bit is he doesn't even see there is anything wrong. As long as he is happy about him, everything is fine.

I recently got suspicious about how much money he had, when he was claimimg he had spent it all. I am 99% sure his mother has been giving him it (£100) on and off. He hasn't once mentioned it and he knows we've got bills to pay and stuff.

He's also trying to get me to sell the house, so we can have a garden and more money spare - but I know all he is thinking about is having extra money for him.

It's so hard knowing what to do, I feel bad for my two kids if/when I have to end this. Feel like I'm going crazy and don't know which way to turn or what to do.

twentyoneagain Thu 08-Oct-09 13:21:11

So sorry you are feeling like this.

You will find there are lots of ladies here who know exactly how you are feeling - having gone through similar times themselves. You have come to the right place for support and advice.

Have you tried talking to DH, does he know how you feel and how worried you are? Does DH work or are you the main breadwinner here?

fandango75 Fri 09-Oct-09 21:38:50

he sounds crap - poor kids and poor you. Boot him out, you;re solvent and can survive good luck

superfrenchie1 Fri 09-Oct-09 23:27:44

hi bella, my dp sounds very similar. especially this part-

"The best bit is he doesn't even see there is anything wrong. As long as he is happy about him, everything is fine."

he also hates it when i talk about work at all.

no real advice for you i'm afraid. i feel as though i am coming closer to the point where i am strong enough to leave. i'm coming to terms with it. weirdly i keep putting off calling womens aid, or forgetting to do it. nothing gets better even when i try to talk about it (he won't listen) so i think i know what i have to do.

good luck

sf1 x

overmydeadbody Fri 09-Oct-09 23:31:34

So Bella, are you suporting him?

He sounds like a waste of space tbh, you would b better off without him.

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