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DP being twatty - can anyone else see the irony here

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peckarollover Thu 09-Jun-05 21:16:29

DP goes on his stag weekend tomorrow. Friday to sunday to amsterdam - Im expecting Monday will be needed to recover.

He has 2 best men.

Neither of the best men have been "allowed" by their girlfriends to go on stag do (whole other post how i feel about this)

DP finished work at 8pm.

Just rang him to see what the delay was.

He is in pub "having a couple of pints" with said 2 best men.

I have just expressed my "disappointment" saying that they are not allowed to go on the stag do but its expected that muggins old me wont mind him sitting with them having a drink the night before he goes away for 3 days.

Arghghgh Im so cross - alot of his friends girlfriends are very, very jealous and restrictive which I disagree with - could never have a relationship like that but it seems because Im reasonable about everything he has adopted an "oh rebs will be cool"

The psycho girlfriends seem to get more respect!

compo Thu 09-Jun-05 21:18:03

I think it wold have been diplomatic of him to organise drinks with best men on another night

peckarollover Thu 09-Jun-05 21:20:47

Oh, oh, oh - slight redemption here

Just got a text

"Be home soon babe, you have every right to be annoyed - I popped to my Mums for a bag for the trip and got dragged up to pub - see you soon princess xxx (sick bag emoticon"

I will make him pay! He had better come bearing chocolate.

I think this calls for me turning my hen night into a friday to monday affair too, don't you!?

madrose Thu 09-Jun-05 21:23:28

how about a thurday to tuesday hen party?

madrose Thu 09-Jun-05 21:23:57

meant thursday

compo Thu 09-Jun-05 21:25:11

definitely!! If he's anything like my dh though I bet he feels turn btw the 2 groups of friends, those who are 'allowed' to party in Amsterdam and those who arent so perhpas he's trying to please everybody?!! Just wait til your married, you'll be glad of the space!!!!!!!!!!

compo Thu 09-Jun-05 21:25:33


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