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Feel like I'm bipolar - can't get over his affair

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plasticsurfer Sat 03-Oct-09 13:15:53

Hmm, haven't been on for ages, long story short, first marraige ended when H had affair whilst pregnant, met new partenr and had second DS (Boys now 6 and 2) booked wedding when DS2 was one and found out 3 weeks before wedding new partner was having an affair (texting, meeting, kissing - no proof whether he slept with her he says no) I cancelled hte wedding and we split but after much consideration and counselling I took him back. We have been getting on really well but I sometimes sink into these awful black moods I cxan't even remeber what I've said during them. I'm on Citalopram for PND and have been since I cancelled the wedding a year ago (we would have had our first wedding anniversary tomorrow)I was awful last night and after a lovely evening I stopped halway through sex. Big crying episode etc. I feel awful, can anyone help?

abedelia Sat 03-Oct-09 14:52:49

I can't help, because you have been through so much - I am not surprised you are in such a state, given everything. Because of the blacking out I just think you should go back to the doctor and ask for a change of strategy with the drugs and treatment - you may need some individual counselling / CBT / something called psychodynamic psychotherapy I was reading about in the paper today that seems to be more effective than both.

Above all I would question whether staying with partner 2 is the right thing - after all, he knew about your history, and this coupled with being able to have an affair but still be going ahead with the wedding rings alarm bells about whether or not he has any conscience at all? It is possible to actually find someone who will NOT have an affair on you, and clearly living with someone who has is tearing you to bits, mentally.

abedelia Sat 03-Oct-09 20:33:03

Bumping this because I want someone with decent advice to come along!

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