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how did pnd affect or marriage/r.ship?

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jadey24 Tue 22-Sep-09 14:01:36

Just wondering out of curoristy coz mine is on the verge of breaking up and we have only been married 15 months and dd is 14 months nw and my feelings towards hubby changed over night to point of not wanting to be near him, dont want kisses or cuddles frm him i turn away, deffo no sex would rather watch tv get more excitement frm that tbh.
He makes me feels so angry just by saying the slightest thing or doin the slightest thing i fly of the handle but i fly of handle at everything aprt frm dd which is a blessing thank god it never effected my relationship with her thank god just hubby and everything else in life makes me irritable and angry, disconnected, isolated etc etc. Hubby loves me so much tho and puts up with it he knows hw i feel and i wanna walk but i feel i have no proper explaination to just get up and walk i mean he is a good hubby and dad its just my head is messed up.
Went to docs they wasnt much help put me on some anti d begins with c most poeple go on it, was on it for about 8 mts didnt do jack all really so went back and told doc this and hw marriage was affected wasnt taking serioulsy as per usuall grrrr said i want to go on another as these not working for me still lashing out, no sex drive and feel disconnected she said oh but they have made ur weight increase so they must be working ( im was underweight naturally not by depression so seen as good thing this) so basically im talking crap coz she things they are working coz my weight went up ok whatever so i said can i go up another dose was on 20mg she said no grrr and that i need councellingt that would help fair enough but said huge waiting list so 3-4 months later im still waiting for a appoinement. My pills ran out so didnt go back for more what was the point they wasnt doin sod all my marriage was still on verge of splitting up coz i still felt most the same..i think they helped about 20% if im honest but not enough, so that was a month ago and im much much worst prob coz of goin cold turkey and as per normal just wanna pack my bags and leave. I feel totally let down by the bloody stystem too grr im crying a lot more, dont sleep, my weight hasnt gone down coz im eating well still but i do like my food and cant handle hunger pain very well so eat but if she sees my weight is ok she will say oh ur fine. I really believe im seen as a waste of space by the docs and what makes it worst was i was put down as being a high pnd risk when i was pregnant due to previous depression that went of for over 10 years and ended in a od but they still dont take me seriously enough.

Anyway did people manage to get the marriage back on track after pnd? Just looking for other experinces and hope really

lu81 Tue 22-Sep-09 14:40:54

Hi, sorry your feeling so awful. I was put on Citalipram 4 months after having my baby. I sayed on them for a year then felt gr8 so didn't bother again so like you went cold turkey. Sarted going down hill again after that.My relasionship with hubby is strained cause I fly of the handle for no reason. The slightest thing he does look at me wrong, say the wrong thing, and I go on one where as he could do all those things and more one day and it would'nt bother I just don't no when it's gona happen. Massive bust up last week he was gona walk said he has to try and support me, talk etc, and also it felt like he would touch my arse put his arm round me and all this just for sex. I said don't mind you doing it but I don't want sex the whole time. Just give me a hug every now and then makes me feel so much better. Off to docs 2moro to get some ad's which I hate but I can't go on like this. Have you tryed asking to see another doctor?
If not just say right that's it I'm not going until you try me with something else because I know that they are not working? Hope this helps a bit for you!

lu81 Tue 22-Sep-09 14:43:28

Sorry didn't see last bit of your's. It's not to bad But I've always been one to talk hubby it's a gr8 talker but I think talking about it helps alot. And now I just try to walk away from the situation.

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