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Separating & Tax Credits

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DutchGirly Mon 21-Sep-09 15:27:36

I have recently split from my partner and I had to inform tax credits of the change.

I have now received a letter that all monies are stopped whilst I have to supply a mountain of paperwork. I can supply all the paperwork but it is going to take some time and in the meantime I have not enough money coming in.

Has anybody had the same experience, how did you deal with it, how long did it take?

In 6 weeks I am going to run out of my savings so I am panicking as I won't be able to pay my childcare costs so I won't be able to go to work.

SequinEncrustedFrayedKnot Mon 21-Sep-09 16:26:47

When you separate I believe that your joint claim will be closed and you will have to start a new claim as a single person.

I would imagine the letter you have received is the one informing you that the joint claim is now closed?

Are your financial circumstances very complicated? If you work then usually you just need to give them the amount from your last P60 and they will base it on that.

I did mine over the phone and have not had to supply any paperwork at all.

DutchGirly Mon 21-Sep-09 16:58:58

I have to supply a mountain of paperwork ie P60, P45, childcare contract, utility bills, water, council tax, telephone and bank statements. I can supply all the paperwork but it is going to take some time and in the meantime I have not enough money coming in so I am panicking big time.

simpson Tue 22-Sep-09 18:25:29

mine was done pretty quickly but I did not have to provide any paperwork either.

Just got joint claim stopped and new one started, it took less than a week smile

SequinEncrustedFrayedKnot Tue 22-Sep-09 18:38:03

DG I am really surprised you have to supply your bills & bank statements? I'm sure I never had to give those and certainly didnlt when I informed them of change of circumstances. Have you asked them why they need all that?

As far as timing goes, I informed them of my change of circumstances at the end of August and received my first (backdated) payment this week - that's just over 3 weeks.

Your claim will be backdated from the date you first contacted them, I'm sure - although you could ring them to confirm - and then at least you know you can pay yourself back in regard to your savings.

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