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Scared to have sex!

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calebsmum Sun 20-Sep-09 21:02:08

Have 2 DC aged 4 and 15mths and am still breastfeeding. Me and DP have had sex once since my dd was born blush Don't know how to rekindle our sex life and am feeling really nervous!! Anyone else been through this??

thisisyesterday Sun 20-Sep-09 21:07:27

make time for yourselves!
really, sometimes it can seem like all you do is chores, and then you just aren't in the mood for it.

hide all the laundry, ignore the kitchen and the toys. settle down with a glass of wine and a film or something and just relax.

worked for me anyway!

Pinner35 Sun 20-Sep-09 21:14:25

Yes, it was the same for us too.....DD was 14 months before I had the inclination, let alone the time and I felt like I'd forgotten what to do. If you can, get someone to take the DCs out for a'll give you a chance to concentrate on yourselves and IME leaving it until the evenings meant we were just too shattered. My mum dutifully took DD out to the park at 8:45am one morning allowing us the luxury of a lie-in. My DH and I just took it slowly and it wasn't long before the desire, knowledge and need returned. Good luck!!

calebsmum Sun 20-Sep-09 21:23:55

My mum will have DS but no-one is around to have DD! Mum doesn't feel confident with her as DD is quite a bit girl and very strong, mum is worried about dropping her. Will have to suggest an early night with DP and neck some wine before hand!! Am sure once we start it will all fall back into place, at the moment it just feels like another another chore to find time for! Thanks for the replies though

thisisyesterday Tue 22-Sep-09 21:45:25

yes, absolutely get an early night!

does dd sleep ok? presuming she goes to bed around 7ish that gives you time to just chill out for a bit, have a glass of wine, just chat or watch a film or whatever and then turn in!!

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