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so fed up with the in laws....

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mummydarlingsausage Sun 20-Sep-09 14:42:49

i feel i have just had enough of my in laws. i hate everything about them (in particular my mil, bil and sil) they are homophobic (to an obsession), racist and generally on a downer with anyone who isn't blood related. i know people have their views and people can't always agree but as i am very liberal their opinions just p me off beyond belief and now i am thinking i don't want the dc to be around them and hear their twisted views on life. dh understands how i feel and is ashamed of his own mother. however, they come from a large family and distancing myself from the few means alienating myself against the majority. the thing is other members of the family who i get on with don't seem bothered by their views. i feel so strongly about this but feel i am the odd one out hmm

TheArmadillo Sun 20-Sep-09 19:40:35

tricky situation there.

The one thing I would say is that your children will probably hear these views from someone so somewhere they can also hear you challenge them won't do them any harm.

However they sound exhausting and it sounds like your dh is completely fed up with it as well.

How often do you see them and do they enjoy your dc company/do your dc enjoy theirs?

If you could cut down visits to a minimal (a couple of times a year) would that be a compromise both sides could live with or would that cause further issues?

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