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I'm grumpy grouchy grandma...not nice at all

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lemonice Sun 05-Jun-05 15:27:01

Where is dd? I have been babysitting for dgs since yesterday evening and no sign of her. I've been to her house - no answer, she doesn't have a phone, dgs whinged all morning tried to put him down for a nap but dp did a 14 hour shift last night and had a major rant at me for not looking after the baby so ended up carrying him roun until 2.00pm when I finally finally managed to get him to sleep I'm shattered and hate feeling so grumpy because it's my only day off and I'm sooo.. tired...I know when she eventually does turn up I'm going to be in a real mare..thank you

bubbly1973 Sun 05-Jun-05 15:40:12

lemonice, where did she say she was going? and what time did she say she was pick dgs up

i can understand you being annoyed tbh, if you are working and your only day off and dh having a go at you too ...well that would pee me off as well

hope she turns up soon

Miaou Sun 05-Jun-05 16:00:22

lemonice - rant away and get rid of some of those feelings! My SIL and db did/do this to my mum and it really pisses me off (and my mum!!) - up until recently she worked full time, they would ask her to have their son "overnight" then not pick him up until teatime the next day ... grrr It really annoys me when people do this to their parents!

lemonice Sun 05-Jun-05 16:20:11

Well she just turned up slightly apprehensively, she was actually there when I went round at half eleven but only heard my third ring and I had gone by the time she came to the door!!

Bf declined to come with her in case I had a rant but I didn't as I had managed a quick rant on here and tbh once gds had gone down for his nap and I had a short break I felt a lot better.

If I have him overnight she is upposed to pick him up about 10.00 or so latest 11.00 as our house is something of a building site and as dp works nights it's tricky to keep dgs occupied.

Never mind thanks for listening..I love them all really

Miaou Sun 05-Jun-05 16:27:55

Aw lemonice, poor you - at least you have got some free time left now for you and dp! And I'm glad she had the decency to be shamefaced about being so late! Now relax.....

joash Sun 05-Jun-05 16:28:39

Aren't our children lovely . Glad everything turned out in the end.

Reminds me of the time I agreed to babysit my neice at our house overnight (Friday to Saturday). Her mother only went and buggered off on holiday with some bloke that she had in tow and we were stuck with a child who had no clothes or anything with her. Good job I had two girls of my own and my neice was in between the pair of them (in terms of size). I had a great week - but really let rip at my sis when she finally turned up.

lemonice Sun 05-Jun-05 16:34:47

Thanks all, had to be shamefaced as needed another food parcel ho hum,

could be worse though Joash

Dp is still in bed, his sister rang to see if we would go round to his mums because his brother and family are there for tea ...haven't dared ask him I think he won't be in the mood!!

Miaou don't you have a baby due soon?

Bubbly she went to her bosses leaving do (she is a barmaid)so got in late ha ha and is feeling ill

Miaou Sun 05-Jun-05 16:39:38

I do lemonice, due in about 8 weeks - am too fat to do anything except post on mumsnet now - hee hee

Well remembered though!!!

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