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He has left me

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bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:09:48

And the children. Am broke and carless but currently don't give a fucking toss. So nice not to have the rows and stress.

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:13:19

Are we all to busy navel gazing for someone to give me at least a reply

Puff Sun 05-Jun-05 14:14:09

You sound relieved - are you really or is it bravado at the mo?

Gwenick Sun 05-Jun-05 14:14:26

calm down - you only posted 4 minutes ago and the forum is going slowly (unless you hadn't noticed!!)

suzywong Sun 05-Jun-05 14:15:46

was it a total surprise or did you see it coming?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:16:08

Am actually crying with self pity cos no one rushed to ruply but as i am posting under another name it probalby doesnt help.........

He is having a nervous breakdown i hthink due to rstress but it is too hard stoo support someone when they are bign a total arse.

Puff Sun 05-Jun-05 14:17:17

Is he getting any medical help?

suzywong Sun 05-Jun-05 14:17:43

do you feel like posting under your usual name?

do you know where he has gone?

do the kids know what has happened?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:18:02

It has grown worsre and worse and he has got more and more stresed an dun reasonalbe so i smupppose i could see it coming.


suzywong Sun 05-Jun-05 14:19:02

do you want him back?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:19:21

Cant post under mo own name - am well known
Kids are aware as he did all this infront of them nad in the street in front of all the neighbours
he is at a batchelor friends getting whisky and sympathy and arranging a new soxial life and a divorce

do i sound bitter?

KBear Sun 05-Jun-05 14:19:39

So where do you go from here - have you got a plan? I'm happy for you if you feel that life will be better without the rows and stress but sorry that's it's happened to you as well.

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:20:08

House and me much calmer today than for a while so i supporse no, currently do not want him back but dont kow how i will feel later

Clementine Sun 05-Jun-05 14:20:19

So sorry to hear this. I think I know you do I -

Puff Sun 05-Jun-05 14:20:37

You sound v fed up, with reason to be.

What was causing him so much stress?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:20:58

i have a v ery young baby and am breastfeeding so getting a job is not easy so money is an issue - i do need a plan and fast

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:21:44

His job is the cause of the stress and i am the verbal and emotional puccnhbag

suzywong Sun 05-Jun-05 14:21:56

what kind of help can your family be?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:22:11


Puff Sun 05-Jun-05 14:22:36

bigissue for you.

There's only so much of that anyone can take.

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:22:38

No family locally

that should have been punchbag - i am not drinking!

suzywong Sun 05-Jun-05 14:23:02

bigissue, do I know you quite well?

Puff Sun 05-Jun-05 14:24:48

I've got to go out now, but will check in on this thread later.

Take care xx

SenoraPostrophe Sun 05-Jun-05 14:29:03

well it sounds like it needed to happen.

agree about it being hard to support someone when they're being an arse.

don't know what to suggest, except perhaps that he should be involved in your plan in a financial way if you're that broke. Are you still getting mat leave?

bigissue Sun 05-Jun-05 14:30:02


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