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Parents - what they say, what they actually mean

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MeerkatsUnite Sun 05-Jun-05 13:12:32

Reading the MIL thread with interest, I've decided to do a follow up thread on parents.

I will kick off with this example:-
Me - would you be willing to look after DS for a couple of hours one Saturday afternoon so we can go and see "Guys and Dolls?". DH thought it would be a nice birthday present for me.

Her response - "I'm busy most Saturday afternoons".

Her unspoken message is, "I am not interested. I've looked after you as a child and don't want to do this ever again regardless of the fact that DS (who is 6) is the only grandchild we have. Am far too busy with my own life which comprises of looking after your childfree brother in his mid 30s and shopping".

Frizbe Sun 05-Jun-05 13:16:07

Oh booo to that MIL! We're lucky grandparents here, always happy to have kids, in fact, I think if they could they'd have them full time!

Ulysees Sun 05-Jun-05 13:25:01

Lucky for you Frizbe

MKU my mam offers to babysit sometimes but other times say's "I suppose so" which makes me say "Fxxx off" No, just kidding feel like it though.

A couple of times she's offered to come over and babysit then when I ring it isn't mentioned? A mate of mine is even worse off than me.

Luckily, I didn't get the selfish gene and regularly look after my mate's kids. I'd gladly have looked after your ds if you knew me and lived near, my 2 boys would love it

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:30:28

my mother: "im off tomorow if you want to do something" via text.
meaning: "come and pick me up, take me out to lunch, take me to your house to sit and bitch about every one, then take me home and i will text you again in another 2 months"
Its not a request either BTW, its an order.

Ulysees Sun 05-Jun-05 13:33:11

Awww sorry to hear about your mam donbean Is she lacking mates? Have you ever dared tell her how annoying it is?

I meant mates kids btw as they all need babysitters but most after school etc..

beansprout Sun 05-Jun-05 13:36:02

My parents constantly remind me that they like being grandparents as they can give ds back. I am even scared to ask them to babysit for us in the evening of our wedding as I am sure they will find a reason not to. Oh and btw that reason won't be because they want to be at the reception as they hate social events or being around people drinking.

Donbean Sun 05-Jun-05 13:38:59

NO WAY! my mother is mad as a rat!
I just make up some excuse or other or pretend not to see the text till the next day. I just avoid her at all costs.

Ulysees Sun 05-Jun-05 13:41:19

@ ur parents beansprout. This thread is going to make my blood boil I can tell but it's good to get it out. Might make others appreciate how lucky they are.

A woman works for my dh and never has her twins on a weekend as both sets of grandparents share them. They go to bed at 6.30 on a school night too. They're 6 and IMO that's far too early when the parents have barely seen them. It's unbelievable. They're even going on holiday with both sets of parents.

Ulysees Sun 05-Jun-05 13:42:33

Sorry MKU I'm taking over your thread but this is so annoying to me, can u tell?

assumedname Sun 05-Jun-05 13:43:43


colditz Sun 05-Jun-05 13:46:07

"I'm coming up to see you"


"I need to borrow £50 because your 19 year old brother hasn't got a job, and I still haven't thrown him out, despite having sold your little sister's saxaphone to go to Tesco"


colditz Sun 05-Jun-05 13:47:26

I do love my mum, but the blatant favouritism annoys me no end!

assumedname Sun 05-Jun-05 13:52:16

This example from when I was younger:

My mum arranged a family meal at a carvery (I didn't know it was this sort of place).
She doesn't arrange a separate meal for me, although I have been vegetarian since I was 14.
Her response when asked about this?

'I thought you could just eat the vegetables'.

Thanks, mum!!!!

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