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just some advice needed please...........

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wonderingwhaticando Thu 17-Sep-09 10:07:31

I dont really have time to go into the why i want toos etc,its nothing drastic just how ive been feeling for a while now,
I have a 3yr old dd and am pregnant with dd2 due xmas time.My partner of 9 years and i (father of both) just dont get along anymore and i think wed both be happier alone and it would be better for the children not to have the arguing etc.He can be pretty nasty towards me verbally if in the wrong mood and ive had enough.
My dilema is i dont work because i have recently come back from living abroad therefore noone will employ me while im pregnant.I have no money,dp works full time and provides for us all but we dont have alot spare etc so him paying for me to go elsewhere is not an option.
How would i go about getting somewhere to live and how would i live in the forseeable future without ANY money.Its just such an awful position to be in i dont actually think there is an answer!?

thanks for reading

GypsyMoth Thu 17-Sep-09 10:17:59

rented accomadation and benefits. crap isn't it!!

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