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DP is being an arse. Help me calm down please!

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OtterInaSkoda Mon 14-Sep-09 10:32:30

Version 3 (trying to keep this short – versions 1 & 2 stupidly long for such a mundane rant!).
OK – so I promised to finish decorating our room this weekend. DS however was poorly – requiring cuddles, general company and sick-bowl holding. DP took it upon himself to do Ds’s room (why this weekend ffs?) so these duties fell to me – I wasn’t prepared to leave ds on his own for hours downstairs as it just wouldn’t be fair. He’s a big boy (nearly 9) but fgs still little enough to need extra TLC. Also ds and I were up much of Saturday night (ds throwing up, coughing) and were therefore shattered yesterday – I was at that level of tiredness where you really can’t think straight. As planned I managed to make our room habitable, in the rare moments when dp came downstairs, but it isn’t finished yet. DP is in a piss because I’ve “broken a promise”. I am sooo angry with him I can barely speak to him, even today.
Help me get some perspective please. I think dp has been totally insensitive to both of us. I've kept ds off school as he's still not right (but much better than yesterday and not so clingy) so I'm off work, giving me time to do some very unhealthy brooding. What I should be doing however is calming down - how do I do this?

FlamingoBingo Mon 14-Sep-09 10:36:32

YANBU about this - your DH is well out of order.

However, as you say, being cross is not helpful now and you need to calm down. Um...ring him and have it out with him? Wait 'til you get some more replies and email him a link to the thread?

Alternatively, write him a letter and decide whether or not to give it to him later.

Or do something completely different - read a book, watch a film, dance to music...

Hassled Mon 14-Sep-09 10:36:34

I think you'll calm down when he's apologised - he's acting like a dick. Is he usually like this? I'm not surprised you're angry.

SolidGoldBrass Mon 14-Sep-09 10:36:57

Yes, your DP is being a complete arse. Tell him to get over himself. Looking after a sick child takes priority over tidying a fucking room.

3littlefrogs Mon 14-Sep-09 10:41:29

He is behaving like a child. "Broken a promise" FGS, he needs to act like a husband and father, not a whiney spoilt brat. Why do so many men behave like this????

OtterInaSkoda Mon 14-Sep-09 12:05:23

Hassled - I'm hoping he will apologise. In which case I will calm down. I would have had it out with him after ds went to bed last night, but I could hardly keep my eyes open and went to bed myself (once I'd put the curtains up in our room - the paint now dry - god I sound like Mrs Doyle! I'm not, I must add and I don't do martyrdom!)

Flamingo I like your letter idea. SGB and frogs - thank you for reinforcing my belief that he needs to get a grip.

groundhogs Mon 14-Sep-09 23:02:47

DP being 100% unrealistic, 100% unreasonable and 100% Bloke....

This is sooo typical of em... You have my deepest sympathies....

go shake up his cans of lager.. Won't change the fact he's a dick, but it'll really piss him off!

OtterInaSkoda Tue 15-Sep-09 14:11:31

The twonk still hasn't apologised. angry

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