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separation- money query- any legal bods or anyone like this?

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mrsmoneyquery Sat 12-Sep-09 08:01:39

Can't give too much detail but my DH and I are consdiering separating after a long marriage.

Saw a solicitor who advised that I would probably not be able to stay in house as I could not afford outgoings, but would get more than 50/50 due to his pension, higher earnings, fact that I have been a SAHM and only worked P/T for all our marriage. My earning power is greatly reduced now because of a) my age and b) the type of work I do.

He has a good job, will always earb 4X what I can, has a big co. car and private health insurance, and a big pension- i could get 50% of that, or offset it against the settlement.

I have more in savings- it's been my running-away fund and I have saved bits and pieces inc. child allowance all my life.

Is there any way I could hang on to that by putting it in someone else's name for example, to give me some extra capital?
I know this might not sound ethical, but wondering what others have done. Thanks.

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