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DH not interested in sex - what now?

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noactionjackson Wed 09-Sep-09 11:06:49

DH is not really into sex and hasn't been for months now. He wasn't really up for sex while I was pg last yr and we've had a stressful time since DC was born. Now it seems like he just isn't interested in sex full stop. We did shag a few months ago and it was GREAT, he did much more foreplay than usual and there was some fab cunnilingus - usually he's not up for that or doesn't do it for long enough etc, but we were a bit pissed and he just seemed to get into everything a bit more, he was much more considerate of my needs than usual. I was delighted as I had a bad tear during labour and this also put a stop to sex for several months. Anyway the night after the great shag, DH thought he was on a roll and initiated sex again, but without the thoughtfulness this time. it was a bit rubbish. It's now been ages, we had a 2 wk holiday and I warned him my period might come, but he still didn't initiate sex.

So depressed because I adore him and I want our marriage to work, but I constantly think about having sex wiht someone else and being with someone who could satisfy my needs. He works long hrs. I'm at home all day. I'm scared it's only a matter of time till I start an affair.

I've asked DH about whether he thinks something's wrong re: his libido, I've said go to doctor, I've asked about using viagra and he said no, I've offered hand jobs, blow jobs etc. but he just never makes any sort of approach towards me and it's being desired sexually that turns me on more than anything.

What can I do?

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