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Practical help please now now have split with dh

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onetiredmummy Wed 09-Sep-09 10:29:24

Have split with dh now after many years of marriage, & not sure where to go.

I'm moving away & will have no job/income other than tax credits & CHB & while I'm sorting myself out with renting a place/finding new school/dealing with furious ex/finding new job etc I need some help. My friend says I may be able to apply for housing allowance to help with my costs for a bit but that I can't do this until I'm actually living there.

Has anyone done the same as me recently & can give me some guidance please? I have an under 5 & a baby under 12 mnths.

I can't stay with family for various reasons that I can't go into here as it would make me recognisable & don't want to end up in the DM! I also have to move away from where I live now.

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