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No Sex - hes just not that into me

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ringingthechanges Wed 09-Sep-09 10:10:52

getting really fedup as DH never wants sex w ith me anymore. Says he is too wrapped up in work and doesn't even think of it. No he is not having affair, just not bothered about it anymore. He is only 46 {shock}! As a result I do no instigate anything as I am afraid of rejection. Any ideas? It doesn't help that this situation has largely been promoted by the fact I rejected him so many times when the DC were younger and he said, after a lot f rejection, he would never bother me n that way again. He has kept true to his word, more or less.

Mamazon Wed 09-Sep-09 10:13:46

well you have answered your own question really.
you say you don't want to instigate things for fear of rejection, and yet he has been rejected by you and so presumably feels the same way.

if he has gone without for so long i guess he has just gotten used to being without it.

When he gets home tonight why not lean over and give him a kiss and see where it takes you.
The more you have sex the more you will want it. unless you put yourself out there you'll never know.

whats the worse that can happen?

victoriascrumptious Wed 09-Sep-09 10:48:54

Must be devestating to be rejected time after time. Sorry to say but you may have damaged your husband and your relationship by rejecting him yourself. Men are just as delicate as we are.

Mamazon is right

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