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aaaarhhhh help

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wornoutbyarguing Mon 07-Sep-09 07:23:50

my husband and i have just seperated this weekend after years of relate ,bickering and arguing
he has moved into a nice house about 1/2 a mile up the road and everything is very amicable between us and we are doing all we can to help the kids to cope

the problem is my 8 year old who is so angry with me i dont know how to cope
she started school this week at the juniors ,her dads moved out and she hates me

i feel like the crappest mum ever ,i instigated the move as i couldnt stand t live with him anymore
she is angry ,kicking me screaming at me ,refuses to even have a cuddle ,talk about all going on .and refuses to do anything i ask. anyone got any ideas to help us all cope and get thru this

lost4words Mon 07-Sep-09 07:29:44

there are charities around that can offer support to children of separated/divorced parents. Some of them are attached to the Mediation Service - have a look in your local area.

your DD needs a bit of time to get used to the changes. At this age they blame themselves. My DD did. Your's might be worried - as mine was - that you will leave her, just like her dad did.

Have a look in the library, too. There are some good books around that can help you understand what's going on in an 8-year-old's head.

Make sure the school knows what's going on, too. She might be more emotional at school and acting out of character - if they know what's happening at home, they will know to be more understanding.

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