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Dom. Violence

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kungfuqueen Fri 04-Sep-09 04:58:14

My recent ex is due in court tomorrow for sentencing for domestic assault.
I feel awful about him going to prison, mainly because the kids won't see him but I know reporting him was the right thing to do for me. What do I say to the kids they are all under 6. Do I tell them he's in prison?

mathanxiety Fri 04-Sep-09 06:03:07

Tell them he made very bad choices about his behaviour and did things that he shouldn't have done, and now has to go away and think about them and be sorry for a while?
Good for you for putting an end to it smile Sending hugs your way. Hope court goes well. Be kind to yourself.

CheerfulYank Fri 04-Sep-09 06:12:05

I agree with mathanxiety. Do the children know what he's done, I mean did they see him hurt you?

I hope you're doing all right. Good on ya for being so brave!

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