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peeked at phone bill continuation...

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Kally Mon 31-Aug-09 19:16:12

anyone interested... well I had endless texts asking how I was doing and that he still loved me and I was bring 'rushed' and not thinking properly etc etc...

Meantime I was asked out on a date and although I thought 'early days yet' I thought I would give it a go, even if it was just to get out a bit. It is a guy I have never met, but we exchanged msn a long time ago and he often 'pops' up and we chat. He has asked me out on dates before but I never opted as I was with former LDR man.

This time I said yes. We then exchanged phone numbers and we spoke a few times about this and that, small talk. He asked me to go out for a coffee and meal whatever this evening - he'd come pick me up and we'd go together to this local place.

So I turned my work schedule around to make sure I had evening free and went and bought a colour to put on my hair, rushed home, tidied up and did my hair... ironed my top, went back out to work, came back on break, cooked meal for DD, went back out to work again... then I get a text saying he can't make it tonight as he has to take his daughter out (who is 17)hmm and could we make it Thursday. I said 'it's ok, No Thanks'... was I being too intolerant? Am I still smarting, is it early days yet? To be honest it put me right down in the doldrums especially when I was being so strong about previous and not buckling under the sadness of his pleas... Oh dear... I'm not very good at all of this and feel like backing out completely of the 'having a partner thing'... who cares if I am on my own, I like my own company! I love getting into bed at 9 and reading my book, I love my cats! I love my messy house hmmI love having dark hair roots, I love not waxing my bits and waering tatty comfortable underwear...
I think the whole thing is highly overated... so why are the corners of my mouth pointing downwards...sad

MuthaHubbard Mon 31-Aug-09 19:34:20

I know what you mean.... i think it's because you put so much effort in and you were looking forward to a nice evening. Am sure you would feel disappointed if you'd arranged to meet a friend, maybe not as much but I would after rushing round like that too.

I am single and feel a bit the same the dating thing - just a bit 'meh' about it all. Have met one or two guys, but also had one or two cancel on me and makes me feel like I just can't be arsed with it all and would rather have an early night with a nice bath and a good book!

Just take it easy for now, like you I enjoy my own company too so am concentrating on doing stuff I like and spending time with the kids.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 31-Aug-09 19:40:52

Still go out if you are all ready.

You might meet some new friends, a new man or just have a lovely evening.

mrsboogie Mon 31-Aug-09 19:44:03

No you were not being too intolerant! That's the good thing about not being too bothered - you are less likely to put up with any shite.

Kally Mon 31-Aug-09 19:46:11

I should do I suppose Fat, but to be honest this week has been a bit of a bummer one way and another what with parting company from LDR boyfriend of 2 years. I was really forcing myself to get up and go, got motivated and was quite impressed with myself even entertaining the thought of a 'new' guy. But as Mutha says... makes you feel 'meh'...

And my back is hurting and I feel I have all the reasons under the sun to NOT go out now..

Heated Mon 31-Aug-09 19:48:55

The late notice, the fact that he texted rather than rung, the rather feeble sounding excuse - your response was just perfect.

colditz Mon 31-Aug-09 19:50:29

I think you responded perfectly.

Kally Mon 31-Aug-09 19:54:07

Yes, the 'It's ok, No Thanks' felt so good. He said he texted me because he knew I was working.. yeah right. I am becoming very anti-men. There must be some good ones out there worth making the effort for surely. My brothers are lovely, my Dad was a Gent, my son is a lovely guy... where do all these knob heads get off? Oh listen to me... grumpy old witch... where is my book?...

FabBakerGirlIsBack Mon 31-Aug-09 19:56:35

I know about the week you have had which is why I felt you should still go out and hopefully have a good time.

ninah Tue 01-Sep-09 09:58:04

You have my complete admiration in how you handled ldr man and this one too. Nothing wrong with self esteem, I think you will find someone who deserves you. I really hope so and wish you the very best. I know what you mean about meeting knob heads, my brother in law dad etc lovely and I was feeling this way too, where are they all ... but by not settling for a knob head you are free for the nice ones.Ldr obv still likes you, and you have lost nothing by telling him how you really felt about what was missing in tyour relationship. My feeling is this other one will be back in touch also. You are entitled to set the boundaries about how you want to be treated.
Yes there are some nice ones out there smile

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