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Out of the blue text from ex last night, is he playing silly buggers?

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RossoRed Wed 26-Aug-09 11:22:06

So last night I received a phonecall on my mobile from an unknown number. I ignored it as I always do.

2 minutes later it rang again. I ignored it.

Then a text saying "Please answer, I'm not after anything, I just need to talk"

Still no idea who it was but I was intrigued by this point.

Phone rang again, I ignored it.

Another text "please, answer the phone, its important"

So I replied saying "Who is this?" and it turned out to be my ex who I have not seen for 3 years!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he said someone had sent him a chlamidia (sp?) testing kit in the post with a note saying "I took a test, think you should too" and he wanted to know if it was me hmm

Of course it wasn't, so he said he was going to take a test just to be on the safe-side and he thinks I should too just incase!!

Wouldn't I know after 3 years anyway??

Is he just playing silly buggers or should I be concerned?

colditz Wed 26-Aug-09 11:23:18

No, you might not know, and if I were you I would take his advice and get a test. Seems like he's just making sure everyone he's slept with knows they have been at risk, which is rather honorable of him, IMO.

AstronomyDomine Wed 26-Aug-09 11:27:27

Agree with colditz - take the test. There are usually no symptoms for chlamydia so I don't think you'd know if you had it.

AvadaKedavra Wed 26-Aug-09 11:32:45

No you wouldn't know, Chlamydia is generally symptomless and can cause terrible fertility problems years down the line. Get yourself a test.

Good on him (even though he was just wanting to know if it was you originally!)

ChocHobNob Wed 26-Aug-09 11:41:23

Agree with the previous posters.

mumsiebumsie Wed 26-Aug-09 14:41:37

I also agree with previous posters. Even if he's just being mischevious you haven't lost out by taking the test.

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