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His foreign ex is back in the UK after 10 years!

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Kianka Tue 25-Aug-09 12:59:20

My soon to be ex-husband's ex-girlfriend decided to come back to the UK after 10 years she spent in her country. I should not feel upset about this because we are getting divorced and are no longer together BUT....I am so hurt and jealous. I have a feeling she is the love of his life because he stayed in touch with her even when we were married. He dumped me a year ago and when he finds out she is here, he will most likely meet up with her. I am the one who he has dumped and one who hasn't found love and here he is going back to the woman of his dreams...

Unlikelyamazonian Tue 25-Aug-09 15:47:38

They will have split up for a reason. That reason will be difficult to get over long-term even if they do get back together.

If he does meet up with her they will find they have both changed.

Sorry you are feeling low and hurt. Perfectly ok to feel like this. It's very early days for you to accept the marriage failed. But yu can move on to new and better things. He will be stepping back if he meets up with her, you must step forward.

Don't give her another thought. He doesn't sound very nice and she probably dumped him.

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