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committment fear

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annemarier Mon 24-Aug-09 15:50:12

I'm dating a guy who's 47 and i'm 52 ,he doesnt have any problem with the age thing as i dont look my age and we are both young at heart and enjoy great fun . We talk heaps and he is very open about his past relationships and family life in general and is very honest to the point where he wonders how he can deal with his fear of commitment. I find this quite a relief but am not sure if i should be confident in my response about us and tell him that if we are meant to be and we both want to be together that we can work through things like that as we need to at the time. or should I be concerned and tell him I think it's important to get councelling before we get more involved ? He has been married .. when he was much younger and really wants to feel differently but is worried he never will because of a betrayal which he says he is over (many years ago ). any ideas ?

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