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How to find out about financial help when a relationship breaks down please.

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sunburntats Sat 22-Aug-09 15:48:24

Mortgage & bills.
One wage will not cover all of this.
2 kids,

I have been advised to look on "entitled to" which was helpful BUT really, the government will give that much financial aid and for how long? and from when?
what to do in the meantime? no savings,

very scared and worried will be homeless and repossessed. sad

ThingumyandBob Sat 22-Aug-09 21:11:00

The following have helped me so may help you as well...
Book an appointment with the CAB, (Citizens advice bureau)you'll see a volunteer first, they may not be able to help massively but they can book you to see a paid specialists who are employed by the CAB, one who is a housing specialist and the other who is a money/debt specialist (even if you have no debt the money specialist is worth seeing as they know the benefits system and what you are entitled to).

Shelter have a good website, there is a section for what to do if you are worried if you cannot pay your mortgage (one of the few places to get frank non scary advice)

Your local council has a housing section, they should have a ‘homeless prevention officer’ you should be able to phone and book an appointment with them. They will know what help will be on offer to you and also if any of the government scheems that have been rolled out because of the credit crunch can help you stay in your home. They may also be able to get you an appointment with the CAB money/debt expert.

All quite tough appointments to go to but once I’d been to see them though I felt a whole lot better as I ultimately discovered that no matter how bad things got, provided I kept dealing with everything I would not end up in a hostel or on the street.

Hope the above helps...

k850plus Sat 22-Aug-09 22:13:16

Have to say that I found my results on entitled to very encouraging - haven't actualy done anthing about my situation as yet- but according to the figures I could afford to.

Hope it helps - good luck

sunburntats Mon 24-Aug-09 14:09:14

Thanks so much for this advice. I have written it all down and will pass it on.
Its just so scary.

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