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How much does Relate cost? Or is it a charity?

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Jojay Thu 20-Aug-09 22:03:31

A friends' marriage is breaking down and I said I would find out a bit about Relate for her.

Anyone know? The website is not clear.


HecatesTwopenceworth Thu 20-Aug-09 22:04:59

They have a starting point for fees! but you can negotiate if you are on low income.

Meglet Thu 20-Aug-09 22:05:43

I'm in Hampshire and it was £40 a session, but we got it for £30. In fact we probably could have got it a bit cheaper as we were broke, £30 was still a lot of money.

aRLcat Thu 20-Aug-09 22:11:09

Between £20 and £40 per session, depeding upon income.

princessdaisyboo Fri 21-Aug-09 19:51:25

hi ive had some counselling recently from them, the first assesment was £45 then they offered me 4 sessions at £20 each, becuase i am currently on no income and i was going on my own. i think usually they say 6 sessions but as i was getting it so cheap they said i could only have 4

milkysmum Fri 21-Aug-09 19:55:35

We went to relate a couple of years ago. It depends on your income as to what the sessions cost. we had to pay #60 per session!! We were classed as high earners- we're definatley not- I'm a nurse and my husband is a bricklayer. We only went twice- we were having more arguments over the price of the sessions as we were skint!

mummytowillow Fri 21-Aug-09 21:04:19

We paid £50 per session in Kent.

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