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dh snoring is driving me bonkers !!!!!Any advice.....?

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bichonbuzz Wed 19-Aug-09 19:33:34

Was unsure if i should post this is health section - as its affecting mine !!!
DH snores very very loudly- I have to sleep with ear muffs on and ear plugs in - yes ear muffs like folk digging the road wear!!YES I KNOW IT PAINTS A FUNNY PICTURE !!but i get woken up at last three times a night and its effecting us as i get cross with him and he often has to sleep downsstairs and am sleep deprived - reminds me of when we had babies and little sleep .
dH went to sleep clinic at local hospital to be studied and as it is so loud he was issued with a personally ade mouth guard to make his jaw go in a certain position to stop him - what with my ear muffs and his mouth guard we look like scilence of the lambs and if we ev er had intruder we wd terrify em!! romantic - not !!!!
Mouthguard now v old and manky - nhs only issue one and to ger another its hundreds of pounds ..aaaahh!
Any body got any advice before any sex life at all disapears and i become totally sleep deprived ...if he goes downstais to sleep we seem to drift a bit apart emotionally.... this happens every night - not alcohol related..

foxinsocks Wed 19-Aug-09 19:41:09

your picture of the two of you together made me lol

we have the same issue

has he seen if anything he is eating or drinking makes a difference? I slept on the couch 2 nights ago because dh was SO bloody loud grrr. I have noticed with dh that drinking Shiraz wine was making him snore a lot more so I stopped buying that grin.

Is your dh overweight?

Are you a light sleeper normally?

MovingOutOfBlighty Wed 19-Aug-09 19:43:12

Agree with fox - overweight? Smoker? Drinks a couple a night?

Otherwise we had this and in the end my fit, healthy, non-smoking, snores like a train even when not had a drink, ended up having his septum straightened in his nose.

BLISS!!!!!!!! And they said it probably wouldn't work and now 5 years on it is the turn of our DS to keep us awake. angry

dailymailIsPerfectAsaPoopScoop Wed 19-Aug-09 19:44:12

shoot him?

bichonbuzz Wed 19-Aug-09 19:45:18

not overweight .yes im a light sleeper but i have my dual ear system!!!!!!!seems to do every night - no food or drink pattern,,,wish was ,,,,sorry to hear u in same boat!!

TaxiLady Wed 19-Aug-09 19:46:14

welcome to my world

dh had been dreadful recently, i prefer direct elbow or a well placed kick

sometimes if i do wake for no reason in the night and he is sleeping i kick him anyway and then lie perfectly still, breathing like i am asleep so he doesn't know if he imagined it or not

it's the little things that keep a marriage alive hmm

foxinsocks Wed 19-Aug-09 19:47:08

there are a lot of us bichon!

In your shoes, I think I might be saving any child benefit for a new mouthguard for him because if that helps, it might just save your sex life!

TaxiLady Wed 19-Aug-09 19:48:13

oh and the fil is a terrible snorer too....he has recently discovered these acupressure rings from Boots and both the mil and fil swear on all that is holy they work

they were here for a week recently and someone was snoring in the spare room!

foxinsocks Wed 19-Aug-09 19:50:56

yes FIL snores too. I think it's hereditary. When we stay there, it's like hearing snoring in stereo. Makes me want to SCREAM!

squeaver Wed 19-Aug-09 19:51:20

Surprised he hasn't been tested for sleep apneoa (can never spell it). But agree with others esp on losing weight. My dh lost a couple of stone and that was it - from pneumatic drill to silence.

Taxilady - ROFL at your sly kicks.

foxinsocks Wed 19-Aug-09 19:51:36

and if the DM wish to quote that, I'd like, on the record, how much I like the inlaws and the snoring does not put me off staying there grin

elsiefergie Wed 19-Aug-09 19:53:25

Have you tried Bioears earplugs. Have found that they have a much more muffling effect than all the others I tried. You can get them in Boots.

Heated Wed 19-Aug-09 19:53:30

snore test is interesting.

My father looks like he's going on a Dambusters raid but his sleepmask works for him; my fil was also given one but unfortunately for anyone in a 100 yard radius he doesn't use it.

sayanything Wed 19-Aug-09 20:24:07

I have difficulty falling asleep, so DP's snoring is a real problem. He went to a sleep lab and was diagnosed with mild apnoea (even though he is not overweight) and he ended up getting a CPAP mask. I now call him Darth Vader, but at least we can share a bed without being woken up all the time (me from his snoring and him from my shoving him!).

I really sympathise, it was causing trouble in our relationship too. I know he can't help snoring, but there's something truly frustrating about not being able to sleep because he is asleep, IYSWIM. And I can get really unreasonable at 3am.

CMOTdibbler Wed 19-Aug-09 21:26:13

DH also has sleep apnoea, and his CPAP is a lifesaver. Quite literally, as he was at severe risk of premature death from the sleep apnoea

The OPs husband is entitled to a new mouthguard thing - if it was prescribed for OSA, and if he is now not being treated, then he is driving illegally. He needs to get a new referral to the sleep clinic to get a new one. SATA can help

CelticStarlight Thu 20-Aug-09 00:26:05

OP, if your DH was originally issued with a mouth guard device which worked, then you will have to save up and get another one as nothing else will work. My DH has one and it is miraculous!

There are two types of snoring. The more common one is where the soft palate vibrates. There is surgery available for this where they cut the soft palate so it scars, which stops the vibrating. The type my DH has (and your DH too by the sound of it) is the type where their jaw falls backwards and is to do with the structure of the chin/jaw. No sprays, mouthguards, nose strips etc work with this type of snoring, only the mouthguard device which stops the jaw from falling back works. I know they're expensive but you can't put a price on a good night's sleep!

tickfeckingtock Thu 20-Aug-09 00:58:21

hmm I can't figure out my partners snoring.
He is not overweight,
snores if he has had a drink or not (ok more if he has or is really tired.
Snores even when he thinks he is awake and sitting up, I will nudge him and he will say "what? I am still awake"
He snores on lying his front, back or side.
Loud enough to wake me up sometimes, always loud enough to keep me awake.

It becoming a real problem we have tried nose strips, wich can help a little but still keeps me awake
Tried ear plugs but don't find them comfortable and worry about not hearing the kids.

His doctor was not interested and brushed it off as being normal. It is not normal!!!

toomanystuffedbears Thu 20-Aug-09 01:11:16

Good thread - thanks for the information. yawn...
I have stopped trying to wake him to stop snoring as he needs sleep too. Being a SAHM I can catch a nap with the lo in the afternoon. But, whew, this is wearing.

Our lo is 17 mo and in the family bed-I do not know how the snoring doesn't scare the beejeebers out of her but it doesn't.

I am thinking of setting up a sleep station in lo's room for those times when my patience/understanding/energy becomes completely depleted.

wheniwishuponastar Thu 20-Aug-09 09:46:27

for about two/three years i slept in the spare room while dp tried to give up smoking. whenever i take a sleeping tablet i don't get woken up by him. i think i had insomnia as much as he was snoring.
we tried those nose strips, they worked a bit.
we tried the ring, think it worked a bit.
i wear earplugs but hate them. sometimes if we stay in a hotel i'll sleep the other end of the bed, or even shock on the floor. anything not to be near his snoring. i'd rather be wrapped up in a duvet on the floor.
after many torturous years we seem to have been able to sleep in the same bed for the last few nights, no idea why. although i have had a glass of wine each night, so maybe i've been sleeping better? he's also been going to the gym.
our plan has always been to get the most enormous bed that we can so that we aren't forced to sleep right up against each other - so i can be away from the snoring.
i sympathesize though, its a nightmare, no pun intended.
i used to try and make him sleep in the spareroom but then it just wasn't worth the arguing, i just wanted to sleep, and found i slightly prefered the spareroom anyway. we sometimes alternate though. (he goes in spareroom)

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