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I want to leave now :( What do I do about housing etc?

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BertieBotts Sun 16-Aug-09 10:03:53

Last straw came last night, I was up all night with sickness & diahroea, "D"P far from being sympathetic was shouting and swearing at me saying I had given myself food poisoning on purpose and DS As if I didn't feel bad enough about that.

I can't believe I keep making excuses for him. I want to get out now. Think I will wait til tomorrow when he is at work.

What do I do now? I haven't got any money for a deposit on a house or anything. Have got some savings but not enough. Can I phone Women's Aid etc for advice or does it have to be proper abuse? There is a DV helpline locally but not sure if this counts.

sunfleurs Sun 16-Aug-09 10:22:09

Phone Womens Aid yes, I found them quite helpful but couldn't really help me re housing as the violence was only occasionally physical.

What is your situation? Are you working etc? Is there any family who could support you?

Your DP sounds very similar to my ex - he blamed me for my ds's autism. He was just a big verbally abusive blamer really, everything was my fault.

In the end I was lucky my ex just moved it but I do understand that it can be difficult, he refused to go for a long time.

TotalChaos Sun 16-Aug-09 10:31:55

sorry things are difficult for you. Yes, definitely try Women's Aid. Also you could try contacting Shelter's phone line.

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