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what would you do?

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ideasplz Thu 13-Aug-09 00:18:00

i have a very lovely new friend,which i am delighted to have met.
but she seems unhappy in her relationship.
i have been through such thing and ended it.
many things she tells so similar to what i had experienced and it makes me to want to help her.
but i dont want to be a relationship wrecker.
what can i do to help her?
how should i react when i hear similar stuff that i experienced and didnt like and accept?

mrsboogie Thu 13-Aug-09 00:25:42

don't say anything that sounds like you are telling her what she should do,just tell her you understand having been through it yourself and let her come to you and ask you how you got out of it. If you have to say something, say positive things like "you are worth more than this" which would put less pressure on her than "dump him" type statements. You will know that you had to be the one to decide when to leave your last relationship and she has to do the same so try to remember how you would have felt back then.

You sound lovely and she is lucky at least to have met a nice new friend like you.

misbag Thu 13-Aug-09 00:26:58

oh don't know - but I am sure someone who does will come along sometime soon and help you.

Difficult one - new relationship for you so don't want to rock the boat, but also don't want to see her suffer.

Just support in whatever way you can for the mo perhaps - let some time pass and then reassess.

God luck

ideasplz Thu 13-Aug-09 01:03:01

thanks mrsboogie for your nice words, you've put a smile on my face
i agree with both of you misbag and mrsboogie and have been trying to response that way actually.
reassement is very good idea which i am doing now.
at the heat of the mo we think different but a couple of days later its more better.
thanks to you both

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