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I am so stupid!!!!

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summertime76 Wed 12-Aug-09 14:50:20

Im sorry if this doesnt make sense but crying as I write this. Found pics of a friend of his on hd computer off her FB page, she was in the nude and another dressed like a stripper ( long pvc boots ect). But after he'd had an affair 4 months ago with someone else.
I confronted him about it as I wanted to know why he would download them off there. He gave me this story i'm sorry was only warning a friend off her ect. I believed him and asked to remove her from his friendsas if she was the tart he made her out to be why would he want to know her anymore. He told me that she left where he worked and that he would have no contact with her now. I had a funny feeling the past couple of days like I did a few months ago that somethings not right and he told me I was being stupid and thought I was going mad but later found out I should of listern to myself as he had cheated, so I went and checked to see if she was on his friends. She was there but on her page she said shes still working there on the same shift. I dont know what to do, am I over reacting or would you of done the same thing. Its the lies hes told me again and I could really use some help as have lost most of my rl friends over him in the past and have recently given contact with my family due to hd hating them thinking its their fault we went through a rough patch. Thanks for listerning

tiredoftherain Wed 12-Aug-09 15:01:17

Hi summertime, sorry you're going through this. He sounds like a real charmer who isn't worthy of your tears.

I think you need some RL support so could you build some bridges with your friends or family? It's not a good sign that he's tried to isolate you from them.

randomtask Wed 12-Aug-09 15:08:38

I'm so sorry you're going through this. No you're not stupid, you've trusted someone you should be able to trust-probably means you're nice!

I wouldn't listen to him again TBH, I'd get rid of him as quickly as possible, go to see your RL friends and family and let them know what's happened. They'll be relieved you now know what he's like and will probably love to be able to support you.

mamas12 Wed 12-Aug-09 23:57:36

These nudie pics are on facebook?
So sorry you have been treated like this I hope you go for some rl support.
He doesn't deserve you.

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