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need to find the strength not to reply

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Titania Thu 26-May-05 00:08:41

to Hs text messages. They are getting to me....the last one read....

'i dont know what to do. I just know what i want and who i love and need them to trust me and see that all i want is to be with them and to sort through one thing at a time with no expectations or pressures. I have never felt like this before. Its like my whole world is ending. All my hopes and dreams being lost before Ive had chance to share them with the one person in the world I would lie down and die for......'

Fimbo Thu 26-May-05 00:11:39

I know its hard, but ignore it. Get yourself a new mobile number, then he can only contact you via the landline and not leave pathetic text messages.

LGJ Thu 26-May-05 00:13:02

Don't even think about dealing with them at this hour of the night................

Turn your phone off and go to bed, I am working tomorrow, so can only dip in and out.

Turn it off now, and be strong, ignore the words, remember how happy we all were here last night ??

Well, build on that, go to bed and stay strong.

Much love


LGJ Thu 26-May-05 00:19:58

Not suggesting that a late night trip into GR and Bats is real life,but you seemed so happy and strong.

Fimbo is right, just think, if there were no mobile phones, he would think twice about calling you and articulating that text.

Stay Strong

Titania Thu 26-May-05 00:50:13

SOB he said he would kill himself for me if it meant he could spend another second with me.....

pixiefish Thu 26-May-05 00:56:06

titania- try to ignore him- he's being stupid now- playing on your emotions

Titania Thu 26-May-05 00:58:30

i have to go lie down...i can barely stand up let alone think stragiht. Im exhauseted

pixiefish Thu 26-May-05 01:01:14

lie dwn then, try to sleep sweetie. also turn your phone off

cat82 Fri 27-May-05 14:00:43

Ignore it. You've been so strong lately, come on keep it up babe.
He is guilt tripping you, don't let him.

Evesmama Fri 27-May-05 14:00:49

never saw this are you today honey?

sarahinphuket Fri 27-May-05 14:40:25

I must have missed out on what's happened, but stay strong Titania.

I have read some of your other threads. You CAN do this....

WigWamBam Fri 27-May-05 15:06:04

Don't let him manipulate your feelings like this, Titania. He's saying things like that because he knows it's a way to get to you and make you feel upset and guilty.

You're stronger than you think you are, and you can do this.

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