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i feel like slaping the pair of them

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lilandbill2009 Fri 07-Aug-09 15:44:07

hi all i need a bit of your advice i'll give you a bit of background.i havent spoken to my sister for 2 yrs and my sister hasnt spoken to my mum for 2 yrs also.the reason being my mum took my dd on hoilday with her and she didnt know.and when she found out she was not happy but she didnt know that my mum had book a hoilday 2 weeks later to take her ds away too.

well while my mum was on hoilday with my dd i used to go everyday to check her mail as she was waiting for a cheque as she wanted me to pay it in for her and i get a phonecall from my best friendhmmto inform me that my sister has just been over to my mums house and opened her mail and found the booking comfirmation for the hoilday that my mum booked to take her ds away .she had to change the booking cos the hoilday she booked was when he was due back to school and he had just been statemented and was to have a helper so she changed it .....hope your all still folowing..........
well since then my sister wrote my mum a letter telling her that the only family she has is her ds dh and thats it and she wouldnt let her ds go on hoilday either and when i phoned her to ask her why she was opening letters she put the phone down on me angry
now the problem that i have is this my bestfriend has known all about this and my sister who has no other friends of her own started visting my friend and they started going out together ect ect and getting very pally.then when my ds was born last may my sister told my bf that she didnt want to know anything bout my ds cos she will never see sister has stopped all contact with me and my mum and her ds my bil is frightened of her and wont get involved my sister now ignores my dd and the children all go to the same school together.i feel like slapping her whats my dd done
well my bf has been getting very cosy with my sister passing messages back and forth i think personally playing on off the other iygwim now today was the last straw i phoned my bf this morning and asked if she had any milk i could borrow cos i couldnt get to the shops because both dcs have chicken poxs and she told me she didnt have any to spare[hmmm] so i got a neighbour to watch the dcs and run to do some shopping dp is away working wont be back till tomorrow.while i was in the supermarket i see my bf and my sister doing there shooping so walking behind them i heard her telling my sister that i had phoned and asked for milk and she told me that she didnt have any to spare and she then laughed and said i only a 4 pints going spare in the fridge .and by the way we live in the same when i was walking behind them they didnt know that i was there i was soooooooooo angry that i turned round and went the other way then i bumped into them again nad i totally ignored her she was standing there with her mouth open looking at me and i just carried on with what i was doing like i never even knew who she was .when i got home i was still angry and i think that my bf has been shit stirring the whole two yrs telling me one thing and telling my sis another and adding a bit more to it i think.i've been friends with her for 18 yrs and i've been a good friend to her lending her loads of money that she never pays back cos i feel sorry for her and cos im her dd godmother i cant see her go with out doing her all sorts of favours but she has been playing one off the other the way i see it if i couldnt run her around then she would use my sister to do it and i was too thick to see what was going on
now mnetters what i want to know is what shall i do regarding my bf because at the moment i want to got up there and slap her in the face and i really dont want anything to do with her anymore please help

lilandbill2009 Fri 07-Aug-09 15:45:22

by the way im sorry its soooooooooo long xx

LIZS Fri 07-Aug-09 15:58:31

Sorry may have got this wrong because without a few capital letters and apragraphs I lost my way a bit. You are upset with your friend because she is pally with your sister who you don't see ? Why do you count her as your friend ? She sounds like a meddling cow who gives little in return. Friendships wane, so I'd suggest you don't waste your time and look elsewhere . The holiday business and post isn't your issue, keep out of it and let your mum deal with it.

TotalChaos Fri 07-Aug-09 16:06:30

agree with Liz. your friend does sound like a bit of a cow if she's not prepared to give you some milk when it's diffficult for you to get to the shops. slapping her in the face won't really achieve much - I'ld just ignore "friend" as much as possible and not lend her any more money!

lilandbill2009 Fri 07-Aug-09 16:31:36

well according to my sister the whole hoilday business is my fault.and i agree she is a meddling cow.i think its time to call it a day with wonder her own sister does'nt talk to her thanks every one

Lizzylou Fri 07-Aug-09 16:35:45

I agree, I think I'd ignore your friend now, she is enjoying being a go-between and meddling a lot. She was very mean not to give you some milk, especially if you've always helped her out.

BTW, your sister doesn't talk to you either, but that is by the by wink

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