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housework, arguing, working from home parents!

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sharmie Tue 04-Aug-09 22:37:45

I'm new to MN and don't get all the acronyms but I am gonna try. My DH and I have been arguing all the time. Our DS is 9 months and we both work from home. In the first few months I was stay at home as was BF. Enjoyed it, but always had other projects on the go anyway to keep my brain going. Now DS is bigger, I have started WFH. DH also does the same, but his job means that sometimes he only has to do a few hours a day. We live in a tiny flat and three of us together can just get all a bit much. I have always been really active and find being at home the housework really winds me up! DH does a bit, he's not the most observant but if he's not working at all, he'll do the dishes adn maybe some laundry - mostly if i remind him. If he's taking care of DS then thats all he's doing. Cant manage anthing else, while I will also try and do housework and then also some of my own work with DS sleeps.

Is it just me, but why does it seem women end up doing more? He does help and loves taking DS - but I feel I am doign most of the organising and thinking about the home as well as all the other stuff!

It makes me really mad esp when I come home and he's on Playstation and there's loads of washing to do! I've been told to do a rota but as his work schedule so unpredictable I dont know if it would work. We have a cleaner who does a basic overall which helps but the little things really niggle and we just seem to have one row after another. I know I can get emotional and am very hormonal but it all seems unfair!

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