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Please help advise re money as DH has left

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namechange100 Sun 02-Aug-09 18:16:41

I am exhausted and cant eat or sleep have lost over a stone.

I need to know this

I pay half my salary £400 to him in order to ensure there is enough money to cover bills as we have a joint mortgage.

He left and got a flat which he pays £450 for plus bills. He currently has £331 to live off including bills etc. Should I be paying him this money.

He has left and chose to get this flat. Its looking like divorce and getting nasty. I am worried about this. Should I pay it next month?

waddlelikeaduck Sun 02-Aug-09 18:27:47


I would get down to a solicitor tomorrow morning and find out the legal implications.

In addition I personally would not pay him the money but see about paying your half of the mortgage direct to the mortgage company and let them know the situation, especially if you are staying in the property - you may be able to buy him out, and the last thing you need is for him to not pay the mortgage and default, likewise with the bills, if they are purely for the property you are in I would see about getting them in your name if you are staying and pay them direct....

The number one thing to do is protect yourself, he won't suffer if the property is repossed or your utilities cut off so there is no incentive for him to keep up the payments... see a solicitor asap!

good luck

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