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Ex and finances

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blackcoffee Sat 01-Aug-09 13:22:39

My bf is separated from his wife and has been for 3 years, but they are still married, bascially because he has not got around to divorce paperwork. I discussed this with him early on in our relationship and he told me he definitely planned to get divorced it was just the money and paperwork etc and that they were financially separate apart from an excel spreadsheet they used for dc related expenses. Recently one of his dc referred to a joint account and I am feeling distinctly uneasy. I know he loves me. I want him to get divorced on his own initiative and in his own time; I have no reason to suspect he is being dishonest in any meaningful way and I don't want to keep on bringing the subject up. On the other hand I am not happy with the situation and he knows that. We have been together a year. I was thinking of setting a time limit on things in my own head and then moving on - is that too harsh and pragmatic?

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