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I'm confused

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Sheena01 Mon 27-Jul-09 22:46:59

I like to be lovey dovey with my DH and show him my feelings.
I've recently been getting over PND and found that with my new found happiness i felt like i was falling in love with him again. we've been togateher for 11 years (married 9 years this sept).
I therefore started expressing my love towards him. However he one day made it clear that he was uncomfortable with my comments of affection and i think he feels comfortable if i didn't say soppy stuff.
I said that it was fine but the truth is i'm hurt. I've totally stopped saying anything nice now to thew point i don't even want to say i love you.
we discussed again a few days ago and he said he feels uncomfortable because it sometimes sound like i don't mean the things!
He did say that he still would like cuddles though but i can't bring myself to do this. I feel rejected and so lonely now.

Sheena01 Tue 28-Jul-09 20:15:38

Am i being too sensitive? Should i respect his feelings about this?
I am surprised at how sad this has really made me. I cry whenever i think about it.

TwoHot Wed 29-Jul-09 11:22:59

It may be that your affection was sudden and its thrown him a bit. Take it gently and build up to it, and he may feel more comfortable with a little time. Dont give up!

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