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RANT about DH again!!

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Bonkerz Sun 22-May-05 20:35:15

OK dont want to be told to leave him like all the other threads i start!!

Dh is an arse! He has been avoiding me all week by disappearing off upstairs alot and we have spent no time at all together this week. He isnt talking to me either and has been using the tired excuse for not haveing sex for weeks now. Im fed up of it.

Im 8 weeks pregnant with our 3rd baby (although had 2 mc so technically our first) and since scan last week dh hasnt touched me once. To get a cuddle off him is really hard work and im just feeling rejected.

Tried to talk to him earlier and he accused me of nagging him.

I think i know whats wrong. I think hes scared to hurt the baby if we have sex but surely hes rational enough to know he can cuddle me?!

I am just fed up of feeling like im the only person in my house. I want him to talk to me but he doesnt. Every night when we used to talk for hours he now turns his back on me and goes to sleep. I can honestly say that right now i cant stand him and want to scream at him but i cant have the stress that goes with arguing. If i talk to him im nagging so i cant win!

There rant over now im off to bed to fall asleep before he comes up! Am hoping if i close the door he may go sleep in the apsre room as i cant bare another night ignoring each other!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 22-May-05 20:38:46

does he have any other children? If not it could be down to all those mixed up first time parenthood feelings, and he could be taking it out on you.

Bonkerz Sun 22-May-05 20:41:20

we both have a child each from previous relationships. It just makes me even more coross that he wont share his emotions with me and tell me how he feels cos im sure that i feel the same! i tell him all the time how i feel and what im thinking but maybe its a man thing!

darlingbud Sun 22-May-05 20:48:04

are there any other problems that could be aproblem e.g. money worries over the new baby?

Bonkerz Sun 22-May-05 20:51:03

nope, no money worries but i know hes scared i will miscarry again but he wont talk about it. Instead he avoids me and then wonders why im insecure

haven Mon 23-May-05 02:14:17

is he ready for another baby? did all this start after you both started trying for a family?

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