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dh's best mate made a pass at me

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pinkroses Sun 22-May-05 09:29:03

Hi. Was out last night with dh and his best mate and girlfriend. The night started off great, but took a bad turn when best mate and girlfriend argued.

She sent me over to talk to him as he had a strop on, but when I went over to him...he came onto me He had beed drinking, but he wasn't drunk really and he had been focusing on me all night. I just laughed it off and carried on as normal.

This has really surprised me and we see him quite a lot so do I just pretend nothing happened?

Fran1 Sun 22-May-05 09:38:21

I would pretend nothing happened.

We all do these things when we are drunk, esp as he'd just had argument he was a male in need of comfort. Wouldn't read anything into it.
I would probably tell my dp but, would be unnecessary to worry the girlfriend, sounds like they have enough probs!

Hermione1 Sun 22-May-05 09:39:30

I agree with Fran, I'd keep quiet for now, but if it keep happening, i would tell you dh.

pinkroses Sun 22-May-05 09:49:51

I feel sorry for him arguing with his girlfriend. It was totally her fault, but he just took it the wrong way.

I did tell my dh what happened, but I played it down a little. No point upsetting dh over it.

It was just a shock - especially from him. I always assumed he looked at me as one of the lads, obviously my low cut top stirred up hormones!!!!

haven Sun 22-May-05 13:39:24

did good...being honest is the best, but, down playing is great, you don't want it to get out of hand...but, dh knows about it just in case friend tries it again...

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