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DH/DH left wife/girlfriend to be with you?

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MrsPerry Wed 22-Jul-09 20:12:10

Sorry to start a new thread, but I was wondering if there's anyone out there whose DH/DP left a wife/GF to be with them?

I am a writer for Marie Claire magazine and I am working on a feature on women whose partners left their significant others to pursue a relationship with them.

It will be a very positive, non-judgmental piece accompanied by glamourous pictures from a professional photo shoot. It doesn't matter if your story has a happy or not so happy ending - you don't have to be with the guy any more - I'd still very much like to hear from you.

Please send me a message through mumsnet and I'll happily give you more information on the feature. Thanks so much in advance for your time.

hercules1 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:13:53

I think you need to go through mumsnet towers and under media requests.

KnickKnack Wed 22-Jul-09 20:16:06

Ditto what Hercules said smile

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