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almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:38:13

because he dosent think i would o this on here...........
dh ,i love you and cant wait to renew my vows with you on the beach ,sorry for all my mistakes ,,i will love you always and forever ,XXX your angel

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:40:06

oh i might add forgive you for your mistakes too lol

swiperfox Fri 20-May-05 20:40:46


Mr Angel, you don't know how lucky you are. Make sure you look after your Angel

charleepeters Fri 20-May-05 20:40:59

ahh bless how can you resist that mr almostanangel!

tiffini Fri 20-May-05 20:41:49

aaa you big softy

dropinthe Fri 20-May-05 20:42:29

Do tell,which beach?

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:43:51

top of port douglas near the barrier reef australia! our first flight!

dropinthe Fri 20-May-05 20:44:15

Thats style!

mralmostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:50:48

if i do anything good in my life, one was marrying you once but to renew our vows with you in australia just makes me the luckiest man in the world and i love you always & forever and you are the best friend anyone could have and i will never let you go xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:52:00

oh ,,, dh s first mumsnet thread lol thank you ,xxx

dropinthe Fri 20-May-05 20:52:21

OMG-I want to cry! My dh used to be my best friend-supposed he still is-just forgotton! You two have a GREAT time and love long and live well!

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:52:47

thank you .

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:53:12

sent him back to the hob now to finish the curry lol!

swiperfox Fri 20-May-05 20:54:23

Awwwww Angel!!!!!! Print it and keep it forever!! lol

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:55:14

lol yes!! i will put it in the front of our photo album

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 20:56:21

may i add the renewals will be on our 18th anniversary and our wedding night was in clacton so 2nd honeymoon whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooo

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 21:15:01

bump!! as the currys NICE!! lol

almostanangel Fri 20-May-05 21:15:03

bump!! as the currys NICE!! lol

OliviasNanny Fri 20-May-05 23:10:56

aww almostanangel, your hubby's so sweet posting on here! can i have him? or does he have a brother lol. all the guys i know are toerags!!!

almostanangel Sat 21-May-05 06:14:00

no you carnt have him! you could have done last year as we split up!! but your too late haha no brothers either! never mind ,,

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