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I like this do I let him know?

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OliviasNanny Fri 20-May-05 20:21:50

There is this guy in my village. He drives the bus and I think he his gorgeous. We haven't really chatted - just a few words when I got on his bus. How can I find out if he likes me too and if he does, how would I go about getting to know him more? I bet u all think i'm mad but this guy is soooo nice!

tammybear Fri 20-May-05 20:32:07

why not ask him if he would like to go out for a drink with you

OliviasNanny Fri 20-May-05 23:08:31

what if he says no lol. I never used to like this guy and seen him around the village for about 6 months but for the past week or so I have noticed his personality and his cheeky grin and one of his colleagues got on the bus the other day and was talking about his something his wife had done for him and joked to the guy I like 'well you can't laugh. At least I've got a missus!' so he's not married which is a good thing

tammybear Fri 20-May-05 23:22:43

well there you go then. and if he says no, then oh well, his loss! but you wont know til you ask. just flash him some really nice smiles

hub2dee Fri 20-May-05 23:41:56

ON: You walk on the bus and you say to him "it's not true, is it ?"

He will look at you like you are some kind of loon.

You continue: "what they say.... you know"

He will look scared cos he thinks you are very weird loon...

And you close with "you know, men and the size of their motors"

You wink.

He's just fallen in love.


Good luck !!!

tammybear Fri 20-May-05 23:48:08

hub2dee lol

misdee Fri 20-May-05 23:49:09

hub2dee, is that how dee got you?

marthamoo Fri 20-May-05 23:50:14

Oh gawd, I'm so old and so married - I can't remember any of this stuff or how it made me feel.

JoolsToo Fri 20-May-05 23:51:01

jump up and down and wave your knickers in the air

LGJ Fri 20-May-05 23:52:06

hub2dee, is that how dee got you?

Well kind of, she said look at the size of his hard drive..........., I wonder who his ISP is and would he like to change

hub2dee Sat 21-May-05 00:03:17

Not quite...

She saw me in a pub (she was doing some post grad stuff, I was having a drink after work with boss and client).

I looked at her 'meaningfully', as one does.

She ignored me.

As I got up to leave I glanced back over my shoulder and got a little wave !!!

So I went back, got her number, had lunch the next day and the rest, as they say, is history.

Quite unusual: two tee total vegetarian jews meet in a pub in Holborn. LOL.

hub2dee Sat 21-May-05 00:04:32

I'm supposed to be in bed. Night all.

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