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low libido!

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pink76 Sun 19-Jul-09 14:51:26

I'm currently on antedepressants after the birth of my dd, she's 4 months. The thing is my sex drive has gone! my bloke thinks I've gone off him. I haven't at all but sex is one of the last things on my mind! anyone else had this, is it normal? we also have a lot on at the moment, in process of moving house and we've been living with his parents for best part of a year.

tryingherbest Sun 19-Jul-09 18:29:23

Well your dd is only 4 months old.

Give it some time - not all new mums take to new motherhood, lots on and antedpresseants very easily.

Give yourself a break. Sounds stressful. Talk to dp and explain this is how you feel right now. I honestly think ifyou can remember the details of your birth - you're still in birth mode.

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