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has any1 gone of there dp after a baby

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starshaker Fri 20-May-05 16:06:03

i have just had a baby 4 weeks ago and i think ive gone off dp. i dont really want him near me and its not how it used to be. we have had some probs (big ones) in the past few weeks and i dont know if its worth the hassel anymore. i dont want dd to miss out on him but he doesnt seem to make me happy anymore. he does things when he feels bad like he said i would get my engagement ring soon as he thought it was about time (been engaged a year) but now he says we dont have the money as the car need sorted but he had enough to buy himself the new rangers top and go out with the boys.

sorry just a rant but am confused

starshaker Fri 20-May-05 16:16:27

any advice

charleepeters Fri 20-May-05 16:23:44

i found the same for a whilea after i had ds, i felt like i was a mummy not a sex object or a wife/girlfriend plus i was tired and overwhelmed that my life had just changed, i think it can be normal and if you make time for you and dp and talk together about things you will slowly get better. i hope it works out for you and im sorry your feeling bad but maybe hes feeling as bad you???

AtHomeMum Fri 20-May-05 16:26:55

I think having a baby really messes up your hormones for a while, so hang in there. I was the same especially after number 3 dd, but we sorted things out. Try & talk things through - he is probably feeling he has lost you to new baby & is trying to give you space by going out. I wrote a letter explaining what I felt & this helped as DP had not realised how I felt. It is hard to get time together with a new baby, but even a take-away & bottle of wine to share can feel a treat & give you space to talk! Good luck

starshaker Fri 20-May-05 17:34:33

thanx for the advice i just feel like he doesnt understand how i feel. will try putting it in a letter

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