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2 children and relationship getting rocky....

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bangthedrums Thu 16-Jul-09 08:32:33

dc1 is 3.1 yrs and dc2 is 7 months.

first few months okay but past few has been tough as i guess the tiredness and relentlessness of being non stop as caught up on us and dh and i are arguing and bickering a bit too much for comfort, it's awful.... (basically holidaying as family of 4 put everything into perspective!)

i have always wanted 3 dc's but realise that another child will only push us over the edge as dh craves an easy life and reality is with 2 young ones as it is it's anything but easy!!! i'm willing to put in the work but although dh will he does it resentfully and tbh he's got a full on demanding job...

i'm 38 and dh 40 (so decision looming) bizarrely he's still keen hmm on a 3rd i am starting to think it's a bad idea as if we are fortunate to get pregnant again this year age difference between dc2 and dc3 would be 18 months or so...

there are so many practical con's to having a third right now, money, time, sleep, more nappies, new car, holidays would be a mare....

the pro's are really in my heart...

any thoughts appreciated, wwyd?



TheNonesuch Thu 16-Jul-09 08:39:54

I think that you really need to 'fix' your relationship before you consider another child. Otherwise the strain will only get worse.

It sound like you both need some time together and to really talk it all through.

I do sympathise though. As someone who is desperate for another child, but knows that due to practicalities it probably won't happen, I know that it is so very hard.sad

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