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Do you 'fill in the gaps'?

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MrsMerryHenry Tue 14-Jul-09 20:26:39

When you're having a convo with someone in RL, do you tend to fill in the gaps or do you feel comfortable with leaving space? What do you think of people who do the opposite to you?

I've been thinking about a friend who's an infernal gap filler, who I adore but blooming heck it often feels like there's no space for me. We only see each other once every few years so it's not easy to steer the convo towards things she does that annoy me (or vice-versa, I'm sure!). So I've not yet mentioned it, and wouldn't unless we started seeing each other more often (unlikely as it would involve her leaving her well-paid job and moving back to the UK!).

We've known each other since school days so it can't be nerves on her part - maybe it's just habit/ general discomfort with silence.

MMHenryestMadameHenriHeureuse Tue 14-Jul-09 20:46:46


<<tumbleweed rolls across the thread>>

Humungous gaping gap here!


TwoHot Wed 15-Jul-09 13:20:51

I am a gap filler and I finish of scentences! I try not to do it tho, as it must be really annoying

sunburntats Wed 15-Jul-09 13:28:47

AHh i have 3 pals who do this.
One is a hairdresser and never ever shuts her gob for even a second.
i find myself drifitng off into thoughts in my head, as she does not require any input from me at all.
the other one just talks about herself continuously, constantly and tbh she is a very interesting person so i dont mind so much. She also doesnt mind listening, but she cant stand silences at all.
BUT the last friend i have now cut off contact with her becuase it is just awful, one way, her way and no other way.
She is a very self centred selfish person and after years and years of it, i just cut off. I dont think that she evr asked me how i was once in all those years.

I think i have that face that says "tell me all of your problems, i am here for you alone"!!!

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