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Unlikelyamazonian Mon 13-Jul-09 21:09:14

Hello lovely girl. I have lost your email address. I changed to google chrome and it has skewed everything.

Can you email me your address - if you still have my email address? hmm

Or cat me with yr address?

Have things to tell you. Like: other place under offer, arsewipe's wanky relation is ill, I have discovered cheese and onion hula hoops, that kind of thing. STILL have your emails on my fridge door though they are a bit olive-oily now.

also, I have had sex with a man. grin crap sex, in fact not sex really, more just finding pants then making a cup of tea but it's a start.

I should have put this in a private email shouldnt i blush



Doha Mon 13-Jul-09 21:23:17

No way unlikely...

This is a good one.

Have followed your previus posts and thought you have been so amazingly strong over he last year.

Now a new chapter begins

come on girl spill the beans.


peasoup Tue 14-Jul-09 20:02:16

OMG, I'm so sorry I just stumbled on this thread by accident; didn't mean to intrude on your priavte thoughts, but well done for getting some action!!! And congrats that oher house might be selling! Coming up Chiswick anytime soon?

Unlikelyamazonian Wed 15-Jul-09 16:22:50

Hi Pea. Will be coming up your way sometime soonish...will be in touch.

The action was with an old flame. But we were both emotional cripples and I had a god cry because it's adultery isn't it.

Other place sale looking positive...sol instructed, survey done...please god let it go through. Going to pay off my mortgage and buy a proper PC as most of the letters have rubbed off this laptop and it gets very hot and is still all salty and sticky from crying all over it during the last year.

Haven't been back in touch with the old flame as too scared and I just cant do sex really anyway. He is in a bleak place anyway so it's a no-goer but it felt good to be hugged by someone and to just have a good laugh. Which we did. Comfortable. Lovely.

Arsewipe didn't respond to the divorce petition so now having to go to court to persuade a judge that deemed service has taken place as he did acknowledge the petition by email just over a month ago. bastard.

He has told his german colluder that I was a mad depressed ranting drunk and that he had to do everything around the house and was the sole bread winner and he had to look after ds and do all the cooking and in the end he went loopy and just thought 'sod it' and left. His friend was very understanding hmm

Wasn't it a bit naughty/dangerous of him to abandon a six month old baby (his son) to a mad ranting depressed drunk? hmm

Ds is bloody gorgeous. He won't stop laughing. I must be doing something right.

Aint life grand when you're in bangland?

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