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my hubby

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cannydoit Sat 11-Jul-09 02:50:51

my husband is a kind man, a good man. loves our kids and doesn what he can to make me least he thinks he does. he drinks alot and stays out all night joins sex dating sites when drunk and embarress me when drunk. doesnt turn up for work etc. he moved out recently and i have beeen out with a couple of other men since but it hasnt clicked for me. i love my husband but i dont feel he loves me. i think that alchol is more important to him than me. he would go to the shop and come back 3 hrs later. i have always felt safe with him and comfortable. i am now wondering if this feeling is more of a convnience thing and if it is should i take him back on that bases????
what do u think ladies feeling lost and just not sure?

MissSunny Sat 11-Jul-09 03:27:07

Message withdrawn

Peridot30 Sat 11-Jul-09 03:30:37

I think he has become a habit to you, he is not a good husband or a good father. His behavipour to you all is pathetic. HE sounds like a total waste of time.

A good man looks after his wife and kids and also provides for them all, unlike your pathetic excuse for a man!!!!!

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