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Does anyone elses heart flutter when looking at their DH??!!

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anniebear Wed 18-May-05 12:37:52

After reading the other thread about wanting ones heart to flutter when seeing DH!!! Just wondered if anybodies does?

Mine certainly doesn't flutter after being with DH for nearly 7 years!!

When we first met it fluttered so much I could have been having palpitations!!!! But sadly no more!!


noddyholder Wed 18-May-05 12:44:29

mine still does 13 years on!Must be lucky I suppose

suzywong Wed 18-May-05 12:45:55

not really, unless I've ovulating and then I just show him my a4&e and he beats me off.


suzywong Wed 18-May-05 12:46:35

Oh god that did't come out right, I mean he beats me off with a metaphorical stick as he doesn't want anymore kids

expatinscotland Wed 18-May-05 12:48:24

thankfully not. everytime that happened, it turned out to be a disaster for me. personally, i'm glad to be done all that business.

marialuisa Wed 18-May-05 12:55:43

yeah, if he's goy his glasses on and looks tidy. Not when he's hungover, unshaven and his dressing gown though!

kama Wed 18-May-05 12:56:24

Message withdrawn

Ulysees Wed 18-May-05 13:04:35

We've been married for 11 years and been together 15 and I still feel this sometimes. Also get excited when he's due home. We have a lot of different interests and even go away seperately at times so don't know it this helps?

mytwopenceworth Wed 18-May-05 13:54:13

no, but my stomach churns!

bonym Wed 18-May-05 13:59:31

It does sometimes - I occasionally look at him and feel overwhelmed by how much I love him. Is that the same as a heart-flutter?

Diddle Wed 18-May-05 14:03:42

bonym - don't think its the same, but i get that feeling, especially when he's really down or upset.
My heart only flutters when he's been away with work and i haven't seen him when i normally would.

jessicasmummy Wed 18-May-05 14:06:31

i still think my heart flutters when i see dh - married 18 months - especially if we are both dressed up to go out - how will i control myself on saturday at my brothers wedding?! Good job we have a night in a hotel without jessica!!!!

dyzzidi Wed 18-May-05 14:06:57

I do get Flutters when he has been working away for 6 weeks and the first time i see him I am all a flutter.

This last about as long as it takes for him to give me a pressie, a kiss and a bag ful of washing.

To be honest I don't think i would flutter if he was at home full time.

anorak Wed 18-May-05 14:07:13

We've been together 7 years. I look at him when he's sleeping and think, what an amazing, special man. I'm always conscious that a person can be taken from you in an instant and I look at him and think how glad I am that he's here.

Fio2 Wed 18-May-05 14:07:39

suzy I hear its a big stick with the nail in the end you fibber

I love my husbands manhood, cant get enough of it. he likes my breasts too, he cant look at them if he doesnt have time


sunchowder Wed 18-May-05 14:10:25

I've been with DH for almost 12 and I can't say that my heart flutters....but....I am still very excited to see him and look forward to when he is coming home. I adore him, but not in the heart fluttering kind of way anymore--deeper than that of course. I am always so grateful to have him in my life.

Pruni Wed 18-May-05 14:10:53

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Wed 18-May-05 14:11:12


I do get the occasional fluttering - actually when I wave him off in the morning I often think "woof!" although sometimes of course I just want to run after him screaming PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME AT HOME WITH THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

pinotgrigio Wed 18-May-05 15:01:54

God No. I keep trying to get as far away as possible. This month, Dusseldorf. Next month Sydney. . Can't get much farther away than that.

Next time he'll think twice before he has a fling. /*Assumes evil she-bitch expression/*

Sponge Wed 18-May-05 15:07:53

I love him to bits and wouldn't want to be without him but the fluttering has pretty much passed. Married 9 years today .
Funny how the ones who are sayng yes to fluttering are mostly the newer marriages.

handlemecarefully Wed 18-May-05 15:08:28

No - good grief!

handlemecarefully Wed 18-May-05 15:09:17

It sometimes flutters when I look at other people's dh's

Fio2 Wed 18-May-05 15:14:45

we have been together 10 years btw if that helps

colditz Wed 18-May-05 15:18:54


Am I the onlyone who gets all meloncholy when I realise I will never snog an 18 year old boy again?

flum Wed 18-May-05 15:20:45

Not when I look at mine. Sometimes when I look at yours though Anniebear

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