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At what age did you stop calling your DF 'daddy'?

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MsUndastood Tue 07-Jul-09 21:04:57

Just curious because I have just seen my friend FB status going on about 'daddy' then I realised I still call my DF daddy too, in a fond way, I am 22

So how old are you if you still do and if not how old were you when you stopped?

Biglips Tue 07-Jul-09 21:07:08

unsure what DF is? Darling Father??

mollymawk Tue 07-Jul-09 21:09:29

Not stopped yet - I'm 38 so I guess I probably never will!

rasputin Tue 07-Jul-09 21:11:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littleducks Tue 07-Jul-09 21:18:24

I still do am 23, bro is 21 and says Mum nd Dad and my birthday card has been signed Mum and Dad recently but i just cant change now

(especially since when i was 7 and wanted to say Mum and Dad like school friends my mum made a huge fuss and insisted i didnt)

fuddled Tue 07-Jul-09 21:23:47

10 ish I think

MsUndastood Tue 07-Jul-09 21:24:48

DF = Darling Father

Aww, I am glad that we still call our Daddies 'daddy' it's nice

diedandgonetodevon Tue 07-Jul-09 21:28:13

Still call my father Daddy. I'm 28. Not something I'm intending to change.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Tue 07-Jul-09 21:32:25

About 10, iirc. All the other children at my primary school (in a very rough, inner-city area) said mum/mam and dad, and I was becoming a laughing stock.

JamieJay Tue 07-Jul-09 21:42:44

Until I was 27, the day he died.

Biglips Tue 07-Jul-09 21:47:34

i never called my Dad - "daddy" but i remembered that my older friend when i was about 10 was calling her Dad "Daddy"...i was totally bowled over it as it was the first time, from my school friends, that i heard "Daddy"

PigeonPie Tue 07-Jul-09 21:49:03

I still call mine Daddy, although he's more often referred to as Grandpa now! I'm 38 and can't see me changing now, although I do sometimes refer to him as Pa, can't bring myself to call them Dad and Mum. My Ma called hers Daddy till the day he died at 91.

BananaFruitBat Tue 07-Jul-09 21:49:58

36, and counting.

I can still do the Dadddeeeeeee whine if I want a favour as well!

CherryChoc Tue 07-Jul-09 21:50:18

I still call mine Daddy. I would have been laughed at at school but I just couldn't change - Dad feels wrong, it's not his name!

Biglips Tue 07-Jul-09 21:54:14

my MIL still calls her Dad "Daddy" and she is 61 grin (she is very close to her Dad)

MsUndastood Tue 07-Jul-09 21:57:52

Sorry about your Daddy JJ

BodenGroupie Thu 09-Jul-09 11:42:46

Was never allowed to say mummy or daddy because it was posh hmm

Both my teenage DDs choose to use the "posh" version and get the p* taken at school.

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