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how do you spit not swallow?

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pleasedontlaughbut Sun 05-Jul-09 21:42:49

errrr am very blush to be talking about this but have a blow job dilemma thingie.

I like oral sex up until the point of swallowing - and I like the idea of swallowing - but the taste is something else altogether and what's worse it doesn't seem to agree with my stomach.

In the past I've always gritted my teeth (well not literally grin)and swallowed 'cos it seemed rude not to, but I seem to be getting a worse and worse reaction and last time (during a VERY romantic assignation with dh) I ended up actually being sick in the loo, which wasn't romantic at all and seemed much ruder than spitting. So I am resigned to spitting not swallowing in future, but I don't actually know how to.

Do you have a receptacle handy, and just sort of delicately dribble it out? Or run to the loo? What's the most elegant and tactful way of handling this rather tricky situation?

...feeling an idiot, but as dh says about the act in question, hey, if you don't ask you don't get...

AnyFucker Sun 05-Jul-09 21:46:02

spit it straight on to his stomach

then he can clean up the mess grin

SoWhat Sun 05-Jul-09 21:48:07

grin AnyFucker

thisisyesterday Sun 05-Jul-09 21:49:07

i would have something handy to spit into afterwards. just lean away and spit it out.

you might find though that if you have your partner's erm "member" fairly far back in your mouth when he shoots his load then it tends to just go stragiht down and you don't have the taste or anything of it

tattifer Sun 05-Jul-09 21:54:03

Surely the more often you do it the better it will taste? As long as it's with the same bloke obviously grin

CherryChoc Sun 05-Jul-09 21:55:05

Keep a glass of water (or other drink - coke works well but ouch teeth!) and another empty glass by the bed. Spit asap into empty glass and put it discreetly away from DH's view. Rinse mouth with water/coke and spit into glass, then another mouthful of water/coke to swallow.

Empty the other glass down the loo whenever (but don't leave it too long - yuk)

Claire2009 Sun 05-Jul-09 21:55:24

No idea, but I'd assume have a box of tissues handy to spit it into after?

tattifer Sun 05-Jul-09 22:02:32

Cherrychoc - am seeing dh taking sip of water in the wee hours... grin

CherryChoc Sun 05-Jul-09 22:10:03

grin You empty it before then!! Unless he's really annoyed you maybe.... lol.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 05-Jul-09 22:52:05

Ask him to give you fair warning, then take it out and finish him by hand. I don't let that stuff in my mouth in the first place. Bleuch

ABitWrong Sun 05-Jul-09 22:59:46

Oh, I have never been able to swallow it. Just dribbled it straight back where it came from. It was either that or throwup on the spot.

kormachameleon Sun 05-Jul-09 23:02:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 05-Jul-09 23:06:07

oh, dear. i go with thisisyesterday's suggestion.

motherbeyond Sun 05-Jul-09 23:26:02

making me gip just thing about it!!do it in the shower,then hock it down the plug 'ole,oui?!!grin

SOLOisMeredithGrey Sun 05-Jul-09 23:29:41


MamaLazarou Mon 06-Jul-09 09:32:39

IMO, it's just easier to swallow. You get more of it in your mouth if you spit, so taste it more. If you swallow it, it goes straight to the back of your throat and down. To spit it out you need to move it around in your mouth a bit in order to do so.

My friend Vikki has been known to spit it into the bloke's belly button and declare, "You can have that back!"

sarah293 Mon 06-Jul-09 09:36:47

Message withdrawn

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 06-Jul-09 09:36:48

I never get that far, it is something that makes me gagg and that isn't sexy so we avoid it!

MamaLazarou Mon 06-Jul-09 09:39:22

"The taste is vile."

I quite like it. My husband's jizz tastes clean and fresh - a bit like diluted fabric conditioner.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Mon 06-Jul-09 11:32:25

I've got to ask how you know what diluted fabric conditioner tastes like...and how does your husband achieve that flavour MamaLazarou? do you secretly feed him fabric conditioner 24 hours before you blow him? grin wink

pleasedontlaughbut Mon 06-Jul-09 11:47:07

Oh I do feel better smile

Sooo, just to recap...I can spit into tissues, or into a glass (I like the idea of the two glasses, only I can just see myself forgetting and taking a swig of the wrong one in the middle of the night!)

Or I can dribble it back on to him or myself.

I didn't know the taste could get better if you do it more often, is that common? (would probably be dh's preferred solution!!)

I read in a book of sex spells (this is getting more embarrassing by the second) that if your man drinks cinnamon it will flavour his sperm, I could try that...

I know what you mean about tasting it less if you swallow with his "member" grinback in your mouth but to be honest, the biggest problem I have isn't just the taste, it's the fact that it genuinely does upset my stomach. I wonder if there's anything that I could take before hand to help with that?

So I wouldn't be unreasonable if I just bypassed the whole problem altogether and asked him not to come in my mouth?

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 06-Jul-09 11:49:22

Nothing is unreasonable imo, you are two people who are supposed to me having a mutually enjoyable time, if something is not right for either one of you OF COURSE you should work round it smile

SOLOisMeredithGrey Mon 06-Jul-09 11:54:26

The taste alters according to different foods too, but if it really does upset your stomach, best not to swallow IMO.

MamaLazarou Mon 06-Jul-09 12:03:18

It tastes like I would IMAGINE fabric conditioner to taste like, Meredith! wink

I have no idea why it tastes like that. He has very clean habits and guzzles a lot of water all day, maybe that keeps it sweet.

pleasedontlaughbut - that is a perfectly reasonable request. Tell him to come on your face or tits instead. I'm sure he won't mind!

stripeypineapple Mon 06-Jul-09 12:11:54

As he's cuming open your mouth, use your hand on him at the same time, that way you can direct more of it outside of your mouth.

Or if you're doing it from above, open your mouth again as he cums and let it dribble out and back down onto his willy.

That way he gets to watch as he cums in your mouth and you don't have to have to swallow the whole load.

Always have drink next to the bed too, it's a must.

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